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Making a claim can be a daunting procedure. We’ve made it easy, by providing some guidance on how you can help us to make sure your claims process is simple and quick.

Claim forms should be completed and returned to TSI as soon as possible.

Insurers have risk surveyors who can survey your premises to determine risk improvement areas to help protect your property. Reducing risk can help to lower your premium, along with reducing the risk of your business being interrupted.

Download your forms here or from the insurers’ website. E-mail or post them to our office.

We know that getting your car back on the road again after a car accident can be a time consuming and frustrating experience. Crash management services will lead you through that maze, ensure first-class automotive collision repairs, remove the hassles, keep you mobile and get your car back on the road fast.

Some insurers have a preferred repairer network for motor vehicle repairs. They will arrange for the damage to be assessed and authorized once they have received notification of your claim and all the necessary information. Please contact our office or click on the insurer logo to take a look at the list of their approved repairers.

Keep the details of any other party involved in a motor vehicle accident, including name, address and vehicle registration number. If you have a broken car window or windscreen, you can contact Smith & Smith Auto glass to arrange repairs immediately. In most instances you can claim for this with no effect on your policy. Smith & Smith can be contacted on 0800 483 388.

If you locate a water leak which is causing, or has the potential to cause damage to your property make sure this is fixed immediately.

If carpets or floor coverings have any water damage or staining, contact Jae’s to arrange cleaning and drying. This will help to prevent further loss or damage. Jae’s can be contacted on 0800 225 552.

Don’t admit liability or enter into any settlement agreement without the prior consent of the insurance company. Contact us as soon as you are aware of a claim.
Over holiday periods if you have difficulty getting in contact with our office about a claim please call the insurance company directly.


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Online Forms

For your convenience, you can complete the most commonly used forms and submit them all online

downloadMotor Vehicle Online Claim Form
Complete Online
downloadGeneral Online Claim Form
Complete Online

Claim Forms

We aim to streamline the claim process as much as possible. Here is a downloadable copy of our claims forms. Once completed please email your completed claim to

downloadMotor Vehicle Claim Form

This form can be printed and filled in by hand or completed on a computer.

downloadGeneral Claim Form

This form can be printed and filled in by hand or completed on a computer.

downloadTravel Claim Form
downloadMobile Phone Supplementary Claim Form

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